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Meet Tawna

I am passionate about being an eternal being, a human, a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sibling, aunt, cousin, student, business owner, observer, writer, speaker, poet, musician, artist, gardener, energy worker, and visionary. Do we have anything in common?

I am fortunate to have married my best friend-and I am happy to say that after 21 years he still is. I am honored to be the mother of five children-3 boys and 2 girls. I love that we are to walk together in this life and beyond, and I trust that we are exactly who we each needed to experience it all with.

I love to ask questions and I get very excited about things. I love how the act of living orchestrates discovery. I am continually astounded at how the simple things permeate my soul and vibrate through me with answers that feel like rememberings of things I already know.

I have always been a people watcher. I love to observe people. I am fascinated with knowing what has brought a person to where they are and what they think, feel, and do-including myself. I studied psychology for several years in St. Louis and loved every minute of it. The human mind is amazing. And I have learned that we are indeed more than a mind. We are more than a body. We are more than a spirit. We are all three. We are a whole. We are a soul. We can address healing and wellness on soul level. We can vibrate with harmony on all dimensions. And there are many ways to do that. That is good news! I love good news!

I love that we all enter this planet with our individual strengths and then we find each other in this life and combine to make a bountiful feast at the table of what is needful. In all my years of people watching this has always delighted me, and I have never met or interacted with a single person that I did not learn from. I love that idea!

I believe in the absolute reality that everything we experience in life has the ability to transform into deliciousness. I believe in our inner wisdom; and I believe that enables us to be drawn where ever we are drawn to facilitate this very process. There are infinite solutions for our soul-wellness. Consequently, the time I spend with clients in their journeys translates to reverent awe and honor for each individual.
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