Getting a Grip

Posted by Tawna - April 2nd, 2011

As a teenager my response when someone had lost their power of reason was, “Get a grip!” Little did I know at the time, that that need may in fact have been very real. In the world of Neurokinesiology there is a specific dimension of brain functioning that takes care of our ability to perceive and express. It is the laterality dimension. This dimension is encompassed in right and left hemispheres of the neocortex and is the conceptual and intellectual brain center assigning meaning and expression to the data received in our body-mind system from our external and internal environments. The Robinson Grasp Reflex influences the future expansion of the laterality dimension and the myriad things it governs by accompanying the development of the distinction between the left and right body, and exploration of the all-important midline. Let’s look at it a little closer in terms of the effect a non-integrated grasp can have on our lives via physical, mental and emotional manifestations.

The grasping reflex is exhibited in babies when a finger, or other object, is placed in the palm of their hand, giving stimulus to the pads at the base of the fingers. From this stimulus the baby engages in steady gripping—sometimes so intensely that it is possible to lift the baby up. Physically, this reflex has a huge influence on the evolution of gross motor hand coordination, grasping and holding objects, as well as manipulation of bigger objects. As this reflex integrates at the end of the first year, it serves as a foundation upon which fine motor co-ordination develops. Things that call for finger dexterity such as drawing, writing, playing musical instruments, keyboarding, knitting, etc, all depend on the grasp reflex being in place and integrated. In its absence, physical problems that may arise include poor hand/eye coordination, neck and shoulder pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, dysgraphia (excessive pressure on a pencil or pen), problems with the large intestines, and an inability to time when to hold on and when to let go when playing sports.

But physical manifestations are not all that a non-integrated grasp reflex exhibits. Because the grasp reflex has a vast influence on the development of our conceptual and intellectual brain center, there are often manifestations in our mental processing. Just as the grasping reflex affects the ability to know when to hold on and when to let go physically, it also translates to our thinking and processing skills. A person who suffers from an non-integrated grasp reflex may struggle to know when to hold on and when to let go of ideas, relationships, habits, arguments, etc. This reflex is also largely responsible for the development of speech, as it evolves the left and right brain centers. A struggle here might include speech delays and disorders. In addition the grasping reflex is very much a part of a person’s ability to grasp and hold on to an idea and/or to life. Someone who works hard to learn new concepts and then can’t recall or access them—they just slip away—might look to their grasping reflex to see if it needs some time and attention.

Lastly, this reflex also has a significant influence on our emotional state of being. An inability to grasp properly can result in emotional chaos and instability in those transitional moments of life.  A hypo, or weak, grasp can produce feelings of insatiable wanting. A person may want everything but be able to give nothing in return—driven by overwhelming feelings of insecurity. In contrast a hyper, or over-energy, grasp may result in feelings of having to hold on for dear life to people, situations, emotions, etc—driven by an inability to trust life.

The good news here is that addressing grasp reflex issues is very simple and straightforward. This uncomplicated process can produce profound and potentially life-changing results. All it takes is a little phone call and a session with someone trained in the work of Dr. Svetlana Masgutova. I invite us all to take the advice of teenagers everywhere and “get a grip!” It will bless our lives for sure.

For more information on the integration of dynamic and postural reflexes go to

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Posted by Tawna - September 1st, 2010


In recent years science has come to know what eons of spiritual wisdom has known all along…that there is something that connects all things to everything else in the universe.  The Hopi Indians call it The Web of Life. Others call it the Divine Matrix, Cosmic Lattice, The Field, The Morphogenic Field, etc.  This concept, coupled with new scientific experiments and research, has produced knowledge that is enlightening in terms of understanding ourselves and our life experience.  Please join me for a couple of fascinating points and their application.

It has been an assumption for years that our DNA (a blueprint containing genes that are responsible for the construction and maintenance of the body) is the culprit, making us hostage to the victimization of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc.  And while it is true that researchers are at variance about the exact role that our DNA plays, most do agree that it does not determine, in isolation, our physical condition or our mental, emotional or spiritual state.  In fact, a leader in this research, Dr. Bruce Lipton, asserts that disorders in an actual gene account for less than 2% of the population.   He goes on to say that the conditions of dis-ease that are so rampant today “…are not the result of a single gene, but of complex interactions among multiple genes and environmental factors…Specific genes are correlated with an organism’s behavior and characteristics.  But these genes are not activated until something triggers them.” That “something” is our environment.  This points a very strong finger at nurture in the age-old debate of “nature vs. nurture” and restores us from victimization by our cells to the empowerment of responsible choice concerning triggers we will consciously allow and align with.

Further research by Fitz-Albert Popp, and others, is dazzling science with the discovery that DNA does not only operate chemically—the long-standing theory—but at a level beyond.  The discovery is that it operates as light in that it is essentially a storage unit for light and a source of biophoton (light particles) emission.  One such experiment looked like this: wanting to test the effect of DNA on light particles (photons), air was removed from a tube and the photons were examined to see how they were arranged.  It was discovered that they were very randomly scattered in no particular pattern.  Then some human DNA was introduced and the results were amazing.  The photons arranged themselves into a specific configuration in relationship to the DNA.  The DNA was then removed from the tube with the expectation that the photons would return to their former “chaotic” state.  Instead the result was that the photons remained in the same configuration as under the influence of the DNA.  The DNA was continuing to influence the photons through some form of energy!

Based on just these two facts of nurture and light, ponder the power of the axiom to “live our lives from love and light.”  Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual environments affect our DNA and trigger responses in it that will either be beneficial or detrimental to our well-being.  The terrific news here is that we are largely in control of our environments—both inside and outside of ourselves.   And if we are not in direct control of our environments, we are solely in charge of our perceptions of—and responses to—them.   And we can choose when we need to change our environments inside or outside of ourselves and what those changes need to be.

Consider one more piece of research with me.  In 1993, Dr. Cleve Baxter designed an experiment for the US Army where a DNA sample was collected from a volunteer’s mouth and then that sample was taken to another room where its response was measured electrically.  The volunteer was shown a mixture of materials designed to evoke a variety of emotional responses.  Whenever the volunteer experienced an emotional “peak” or “trough,” his DNA sample in the other room showed a strong electrical response.  This same experiment was repeated at a later date when the volunteer and sample were separated by 350 miles, evoking the same response.  Using an atomic clock, the scientists were able to establish that the effect was simultaneous.  This experiment suggests that living tissues are connected by some form of energy that is new to scientists, that emotion directly affects living DNA, and that distance does not reduce this effect.

Blessedly, the DNA allows us to access this “form of energy that is new to scientist”—this Web of Life—through our emotions.  Emotions are assigned in the limbic brain and are accessed through the many tools of Kinesiology that are used in the course of a balance.  Old triggers that have proved to be detrimental can be released and new triggers can be put in their place that will facilitate health and wholeness in our lives—both inside and outside of us.  We clearly cannot run far enough away to escape the effects that living life has on the very DNA of our cells.  And there is no need to run.  Adopt the maxim of living your life from love and light and call me at 801.599.2253 to engage in some house cleaning on a cellular DNA level.  Experience life anew from the blueprints up.

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Posted by Tawna - July 1st, 2010


I have been studying some research from a class I completed on Integrated Healing, and have been fascinated with our first two cervical vertebrae.  They are two of the few that have names assigned to them, other than a letter with an accompanying number.  They are the Atlas and the Axis, and are designed primarily to facilitate rotation.  Like we learned in the comedy, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, it is the neck that turns the head…of our family, our lives, and our world.

The Atlas is the very top vertebrae, running parallel to the ground and supporting the weight of the head.  It is named after the Greek mythological god whose job it was to support the weight of the world on his shoulders.   The Axis works in tandem with the Atlas and sits right underneath it.  It has a bony protrusion called the Odontoid Process, which fits through a hole in the Atlas and creates the pivot about which the Atlas rotates.  An imbalance, misalignment or blockage here causes dialogue throughout all the dimensions of the body/mind/spirit system via physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic symptoms in an effort to receive relief.

An imbalance in our Atlas and Axis can create physical havoc.  It can cause distortion in the spine with resultant distress to the cranial bones, sphenoid, jaw, and muscles of the neck and shoulders (all subjects for another time), and produce neck pain, headaches and migraines.   An imbalance may also contribute to restricted blood flow to the brain.  Here is the reason.  There is an artery called the Vertebral Artery which runs through these vertebrae.  It is responsible for supplying almost half of the brain’s blood and about 90% of the blood supply to the cranial nerves.   When this supply is restricted it can cause such symptoms as Attention Deficit problems and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  It is widely believed that the whole body can relax when the Atlas and Axis are balanced.

Addressing other dimensions of our being, this joint is also thought to act as a bridge between the body and the mind, and allows abstract thoughts to take form, and that form to find communication.   Our Atlas relates to—and affects—our true inner feelings, such as fear, confusion, feeling “not good enough,” inner chatter and ego-centeredness with its accompanying worry about what others will think of us.  Removing imbalances from this joint can result in a measurable reduction of these interferences if we find that they are in the driver’s seat of our daily lives.  This joint is also all about flexibility and allowing us to see all the angles and aspects of our lives and our world.  When it becomes stiff, it limits our movement and our vision—not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually and energetically.  Thus, we suffer being cut off from a great source of our inner wisdom.

Now consider this.  It is the Atlas and Axis which provide for moving the head in a “yes” or “no” motion.   The Occipito-Atlantal joint (OA) allows for the up and down “yes” movement, and the Atlantal-Axial joint (AA) facilitates the back and forth “no” motion.  How many times do we have emotional distress caused from saying “yes” when we should be saying “no,” or vice versa?  What sacrifices are we making to say “yes”?  What happens to our being when we say “yes” to someone else’s agenda and they are calling the shots?  How often are we blocked by guilt when we should have said “no” but didn’t?    All these stresses are carried and stored in the Atlas and Axis.  It is easy to see why it can have such an extreme effect on the total being.  And it is no wonder there is profound healing when restored to balance and mobility.

The good news is that balancing the Atlas and Axis joint is very simple and straightforward.  In a matter of just a few steps there is a marked increase in physical function, which naturally results in an increase in emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic functioning.  Call 801.599.2253 and relieve your Atlas from “the weight of the world,” restoring movement and vision to your life.

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Posted by Tawna - June 1st, 2010


It would appear that our cells have been out thinking us for millions of years. Let me see if I can expound on what that means. As human beings we view ourselves as the highest in intelligence of all the living creations. We have a neocortex, and granted, it is quite exquisite in function, but I believe there is an even more exquisitely functioning intelligence than we had ever supposed living out its daily path in complete alignment with the divine. Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “No matter where I look, I sense what cosmic wisdom is trying to accomplish. It is much the same as what I myself want to accomplish—to grow, expand, and create—the main difference being that my body is cooperating with the universe better than I manage to.” I believe that we are spiritual beings living out a mortal—or physical—experience. Because of our physicality, we often forget this important truth that can act as an anchor for us.

No need to raise your hand if you have ever, or are currently, experiencing any of the following human foibles, but rather take note of those with which you are familiar. Then we will apply our cell’s wisdom to these very issues. I will take information from Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D. about the functioning of cells.

  • Have you ever struggled with, and/or experienced, selfishness in any of its forms?

  • Have you ever strongly desired to, or actually withdrawn yourself from others, refusing to participate in meaningful communication?

  • Have you ever found yourself caught up in rigid habits and stuck in a proverbial rut for some time?

  • Have you ever suffered from the “island syndrome” and decided that you would be better off to go it alone?

  • Do you have an almost impossible time locating and/or letting go of old behaviors?

  • Do people tell you—and you secretly know it’s true—that you are obsessively active and/or aggressive? Or do you have the opposite problem and have no motivation to move or engage in anything?

  • Do you battle with the compulsion to overindulge—in food, sleep, talking, etc.?

  • Do you feel separate from everyone else because you know that you are too different and an outcast?

  • Have you noticed yourself hoarding and being greedy, even though you really want to be a giving person?

  • Do you feel isolated from the generation before you and the generation following you because they just don’t understand?

I don’t know of a single person who does not encounter multiple manifestations of at least one—usually several—of these “problems” in the act of daily living. I also don’t believe this illustrates that we as humans are spiritually weak or inadequate. I think that living in this physical dimension produces these kinds of experiences. I do, however, believe that we can resolve these issues the hard way or the easy way. In my experience, the easy way is to hook up to the spiritual dimension to view and work with our “problems,” and perhaps find that they are not really problems after all, but growth opportunities. The conundrum is that while we lose sight of our spiritual solutions being in a physical body, our actual physical body itself is very intimately in alignment with, and is continually executing, the spiritual—or higher—law while living its mortal existence. Let’s take a look.

o A cell understands its higher purpose. All of our cells agree to work for the welfare of the whole. A cell’s own welfare comes second. It will choose to die to protect the body, as illustrated by the thousands of skin cells that die every hour of every day, and immune cells that sacrifice to kill invading microbes. Selfishness is not an option.

o Cells keep in contact with every other cell in our bodies. It has long been know that there are messenger cells that peruse the entire body under direction of the main nervous system. It has now been discovered that these same messenger cells can act independently of the central nervous system according to a higher intelligence for the protection of the body—a whole other discussion for another time. Withdrawing or refusing to communicate is not an option.

o Cells adapt from moment to moment. They must remain flexible so they can respond immediately to any situation. Getting caught up in rigid habits is not an option.

o Cells recognize all other cells as equally important to the whole. They are all interdependent with every other function in the body organism. Going it alone is not an option.

o Cells operate from a unique set of functions, but can simultaneously combine in creative ways—allowing us to digest foods we have never eaten before, think a thought never thought before, and sing a song never sung before. Clinging to old behavior is not an option.

o Cells obey the universal cycle of activity and rest, demonstrated for us in the obvious cycle of sleep. Medicine cannot explain why we sleep, but we know that without it we cannot function. Being aggressively active is not an option.

o Cells function with the least amount of expenditure possible. They usually store only three seconds of food and oxygen inside of them. They completely trust that they will be provided for. Excessive consumption is not an option.

o Cells know that they are fundamentally the same, even though they are differentiated to specific jobs. A muscle cell can be changed in a laboratory to a heart cell just by taking it back to its common source. Healthy cells remain tied to their source no matter how many times they divide. Being an outcast is not an option.

o Cells maintain the integrity of the whole organism of cells by engaging in their primary activity of giving. The other half of the equation is receiving. It is automatic. Hoarding is not an option.

o Cells reproduce and pass all their knowledge, talents, and experience on to the next generation. They withhold nothing. They die physically, but defeat death spiritually. The generation gap is not an option.

None of these functions are spiritual aspirations; they are facts of daily existence in our cells. That is why our bodies are a great portal to the higher spiritual dimensions of life; because although completely invisible, the body’s wisdom is undeniably real, and is living in complete harmony with solution-filled spirit. As a Kinesiologist, I can access this portal of the body’s wisdom and gather information from the hidden dimensions of our lives. Since the solutions are readily available in this dimension, we can unblock that which is causing disharmony and disease in the body. And because the spiritual aspect is infinitely dimensional, the solutions will address and resolve our mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic selves as well. That’s what I call a “soul solution.” Call me at 801.599.2253 and discover your body’s inner wisdom. Also visit for more information about kinesiology, how it works and what it can do for you.

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