Posted by Tawna - May 6th, 2011

Decouvertes says, “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question.” How is it that questions bring enlightenment? I am a question-asker and I love the energy of a great query. It is an invitation to open the door of creativity and embark on a learning adventure. What could be more fun than that? But beyond the factor of fun, Tony Robbins offers this insight, “The quality of your life is directly related to the quality of questions you ask.” This suggests that question-asking is a very weighty matter.

In the English language there are basically two components of our speech—statements and questions. Statements come in the form of declarative or exclamatory affirmations. An affirmation has a certain power in and of itself, but I would suggest that the application of such be taken under serious consideration to reach clarity before use. Here is why I say that. Statements affirm what is and therefore can easily lead us to feel that we have no choice in the matter. To illustrate this idea ponder the feelings that accompany these statements:

  • I’m so unhealthy.
  • I don’t have enough time.
  • I’m always late.
  • I can’t pay my bills.
  • I didn’t deserve this situation.

Here is another truth for examination: When we make a statement, we are primarily using our logical, rational left brain. These statements are static in nature. The potential problem is that our unconscious mind acts on whatever our conscious mind tells it, or states to it. For instance, if we say we don’t have enough money, our unconscious mind will ensure that we won’t. This may take the form of self-sabotaging any money-making solutions in accordance with our own belief systems.

Conversely, questions invoke more of our intuitive, creative right brain. They challenge us to discover what might be, leading us into unexplored territory. They open doors to new possibilities, mobilizing the immense power of our unconscious mind. When we ask a question, our unconscious will always answer it. Here is the good news: our unconscious mind can draw from unlimited resources and wisdom that are not directly available to our conscious mind. The key is to develop skills in asking constructive, open-ended questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. For example, if we change the above statements into empowering questions they might look something like this:

  • What lifestyle change will give me better health?
  • How can I make more time for what is important to me?
  • What can I cut from my routine so that I can be on time?
  • What can I do to change my financial status?
  • What can I learn from this situation?

Notice how the whole energy of the statement portion is completely different from the energy of the question portion. The possibilities suddenly become extended. After we seek to change our limiting statements in life into empowering questions, the next steps involve being aware, watching and listening, and being open to new possibilities and opportunities. They will surely occur to us!

I invite us to practice the art of asking empowering questions in our lives. Leave the restriction of declarative and exclamatory statements that we often embrace in contradiction to our best good, and welcome the exciting frontier of well-constructed questions. There is truly power in them!

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Posted by Tawna - May 1st, 2010


For many years I was under the common illusion that muscles and bones prescribe our structure and form.  I was wrong.  It is, in fact, the fascia that is employed for that all-important assignment.  For purposes of clarification, fascia is that system of soft connective tissues that are woven minutely throughout the body system, creating a phenomenal network of biophoton sensitive tensegrity (a term that represents the balance of tensional integrity).  It is composed of a collection of “bags” that contain and give structure to our muscles, bones, organs, nerves, blood vessels and other structures.  It is the fascia that is responsible for maintaining structural integrity and providing support and protection.  It also acts as a shock absorber.  Fascia forms everything from the soft connective tissues to the firm and deep connective tissues we call tendons and ligaments, attaching bone to muscle.  It is literally dispersed through our entire bodies from head to toe and is the biggest organ of the body, insulating the body and organs, and transporting nutrients throughout.

If this were all, the fascia would be tremendously important.  But there is a much more fascinating aspect of fascia.  Research is now revealing that its fibers are arranged in highly regular liquid crystalline structures.    In other words, whether liquid or solid, it is—and acts like—a crystal.  The collagenous molecules that encase the organs are liquid crystals and the other, firmer tissues are considered solid crystals.  So what?

Consider with me a common property that crystalline structures share: they are semi-conductors.  But what do they conduct?  Just like our computers, our crystalline connective tissues conduct electricity and information.  In addition to that, they also store energy, amplify signals, filter energy and store information.         Now for the mind-blowing bit!  Remember that the fascia connects every part of our body to every other part, making it—even more than the nervous system—the body’s superhighway for energy and information.  This gives insight as to how an imbalance, or dysfunction, in one part of the body can cause pain in another part of the body, and how athletes can react to a situation far quicker than bio-chemical mechanisms can facilitate. In the fascia, information is being relayed electrically, and electrical systems are hundreds of times more efficient at relaying information in the body than chemical signals.

As a Kinesiologist, I monitor the bracioradialus muscle, which is infused with fascia, and am able to tap into that superhighway of electricity and information.  Because it connects all the body and its bits to its actual energy systems, I can gather the true story of what is going on within the mind/ body/spirit system.  I can access the 98% of our subconscious experiential data that is not consciously accessible, and receive direction as to what the whole hologram wants in terms of correction.  Any blocks in the superhighway induced through mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and/or energetic blockages can then be addressed and removed.  And folks….blockages are created by the act of living.  It is intended that we be able to unblock, and restore to a more natural flow, those hiccups—big or small—and be able to take life in with grace and ease to extrapolate and integrate the lessons of it.

Our soft connective tissue, fascia, is particularly conducive to manipulation and stretching because of its elasticity.  It can allow for bending, twisting, and torquing and still maintain the high-speed travel of necessary electricity and information.  Our bodies, spirits and minds can also be flexible in life and then return to states of homeostasis, as modeled by our elastic fascia.  In fact, the stretching of fascia is often employed as a healing agent in unblocking electrical and informational problem-areas. I believe the same is true of our spiritual, mental, emotional, and energetic selves in everyday life.  This miraculous, living structure can also create, transmit, and receive biophotons to facilitate communication between tissues and molecules, dispersing the healing power of light and love—the components of energy healing—throughout the entire mind/ body/ spirit system.  It is considered the primary participant in the subtle energy anatomy, interlinking the biophoton and quantum—or subtle—with the physical, giving us a complete holographic picture of ourselves and what we need for wholeness in all the areas of our lives.  Call me at 801.599.2253 and let’s access your own “fascia”-nating connections to clear up any blockages on your superhighway today!  Isn’t it good news?!

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Newborn ICU

Posted by Tawna - May 1st, 2009

I recently began volunteering at the University of Utah Hospital in the Newborn ICU where my micro-preemie, Makenna, was born.  I have the privilege of walking around the unit and talking with parents, supporting them as they walk the unbelievable and amazing journey that is the NICU experience.   I LOVE representing that there is life after the NICU, and sharing genuine empathy for what parents, and their babies, are living through.

Interestingly, when Makenna became aware of what I was doing, she began to ask a lot of questions about it.  During this period of time I noticed that her behavior changed, and she was being increasingly triggered to anger.   Then a few weeks ago she and I were at the store shopping for food and out of the blue she turned to me and said, “Why did the doctors hurt me when I was a tiny baby?”

Suddenly I connected her recent behavior with my volunteer work at the NICU, and the proverbial light bulb went on, illuminating the brilliant wisdom of her mind-body-spirit connection.   My going up to the Hospital triggered her body memories of being hurt.  Even though it was hard for me to hear her question, I rejoiced to know that it was up for her because she was innately ready to heal it.  Isn’t that beautiful?   All her pain and anger over it, which was inexpressible for her at the time, was nonetheless stored in her body.  That is the brilliance of our “computers.”  All input is duly noted and stored away for future reference.

As I considered what I know about that, I was reminded of the iceberg metaphor. Only 2% of the mass represents what, of my pain, fear, challenges, etc., is conscious to me.  The other 98% is housed in my subconscious.  The really interesting bit is that the 2% of consciousness I have uses spoken language to express itself.  But the 98% that is subconscious is not silent.  It, too, has language—the language of symptoms.   These symptoms are caused by internalizing, disconnecting, or denying  our experience.   So rather than automatically medicating a symptom we can listen to it and see what it is trying to say.  The good news is that symptoms speak to us when we are ready to heal their cause.

I realized that Makenna was showing me that she was ready to heal the frustration and anger that had been recorded in detail and stored in her body system.  I honored that her wisdom knew she was ready, and she had the means available to do the job.    I am grateful to her for reminding me to listen to symptoms, and love them for speaking and letting us both know she was ready.  Because I finally listened to her body symptoms, their purpose was served.

I feel infinite love and gratitude towards our symptoms for speaking to us the content of that massive 98% of recorded history—our recorded history—that we are not even aware of, and knowing and trusting our ability to heal it.  I invite us to be more aware of our symptoms and listen to them.

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