Brain Gym

Posted by Tawna - December 5th, 2009


The month of December can be a lovely experience for some and, for a myriad of reasons, it can also be an isolating, debilitating time for others.  In addition it can be a time that triggers the worsening of depression.  These dark and looming clouds wreak havoc in the lives of those with whom they have taken up residence.

The first Kinesiology class that I took was Brain Gym.  It was a great place to start and has some of the simplest ways to address issues that create problems in our day-to-day living.  And it was in Brain Gym that I learned a very profound truth about the link between the symptoms we are experiencing in our bodies—such as depression—and the state of brain integration that these symptoms reflect.  Let me see if I can shed a little light on what I learned.

There are two natural states of brain function that are both part of appropriate brain integration; they are the stop-pause-and-think or low gear state, and the automatic or high gear state.  We see them both clearly if we think back to when we first learned to drive.  At first there was so much information to process that we had to stop and think of each thing to order it in our conscious mind.  Nothing was fluid and we had to think before responding.  After a while of practicing, we realized one day that it had all become very automatic and fluid.  We weren’t even giving conscious thought to it anymore.  It was just easy to safely and appropriately respond.  These are the same kind of brain processes that we will go through, in varying degrees, any time we are asked to learn a new skill or procedure.  In an integrated brain both low and high gear are essential and appropriate responses to our environment.

In contrast, let’s look at the low-gear-state and high-gear-state functioning of a brain that is not integrated.  Instead of experiencing a productive switching back and forth between the two, we may find ourselves stuck in one which may look like the following examples in various ways:

Overwhelm—This non-functional state is where we find we are unable to even respond.  We may be speechless, procrastinate horribly, or just give up.  We can’t get started on things that need to be done.  If we do, we move very slowly.  We are constantly tired, unmotivated and depressed.  We feel sure we can’t do anything right and we find ourselves unfocused, spaced out or confused.  Because we can’t cope with the stimulation of life, we withdraw and become very hypotonic in both movement and emotion.  Everything feels too hard and we can wonder, “Why me?”  And lastly, we find ourselves living in the past a lot.  We can tell we are in the past by paying attention to the language we use.  The “If-this…..then-that….” language is the language of living in the past.

Compelled—This is the opposite state where we are unable to stop.  Our responses are automatic, but we don’t know when to quit.  We are always busy trying harder and going 90 miles an hour.  We find ourselves compulsive workaholic perfectionists.  We are never satisfied and are excessively focused, losing sight of the big picture.  We are uptight, hyper, compelled towards everything, and often try to mask our intensity with a Pollyanna “always up” kind of persona.  Conversely, our feelings are often hurt because we are perceived as a “know-it-all.”  Our Mode of Operation may be that we won’t delegate anything, making ourselves a martyr to the insane amount of projects we have going at any given time.  Many times the language of this state is, “I will be happy when…” and reveals us as living in the future.

So what can be done about the unintegrated brain?  One solution is so simple that it may feel at first like it can’t work.  However, it does time and time again.  It is a series of simple movements that will bring a brain right back into integration with ease and grace.  There is also a four-step process that takes less than a minute that can be done easily and inconspicuously at any time to bring immediate integration to the brain.  It can truly be life changing.  Give it try.  Call Tawna at 801.599.2253 and make your appointment.

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Course Corrections

Posted by Tawna - November 1st, 2009

Course Corrections

I heard a story lately that enthralled me.  It was about the airplane called the Concorde which, thirty years ago, was the first passenger plane to fly at Mach 2—1,350 mph—between the United States and Europe, cutting flight time down to less than four hours.  Of course, the maiden flight was accompanied by important guests who were excited to have this new experience.  Among these guests were media personnel who would chronicle the event for generations to come.

One such news reporter was given the grand tour of the plane’s cockpit with the other guests and was intrigued to learn that no one was keeping the airplane on course during the flight.  When he questioned this, he was given the answer that because they were going so fast, and given the slow reaction time of humans, by the time they were supposed to be reaching France they would be far off course.  Instead, there were two computers manning the cockpit.  The first computer would take a course reading every few seconds and feed this information to the second one, which in turn would make the required corrections to the flight in order to reach the desired destination.

He mused this over for an hour when he returned to his seat and and was bothered by something he couldn’t quite put his finger on.  He finally asked the flight attendant if he could visit the cockpit again.  Upon entry, he knew immediately that it was not something he had seen that was bothering him, but something he had heard.  The computers made a certain sound when they were talking to each other and the news reporter now noticed that the noise they made when communicating back and forth was almost constantly.  He asked the crew how often the airplane was off course and was astounded by their answer—99% of the time!  After this he was assured that they would reach Paris at the appointed time, plus or minus a minute or so.

So why are our response times too slow to correct courses before we miss the mark?  Maybe we are denying that we are off track in the first place, which is caused by resistance born of fear.  Maybe our compelling need to be right doesn’t allow for the crucial data to flow in and make the accurate corrections.

Could we focus ourselves on the purpose we wish to serve as the Concorde focused itself on reaching its destination?  If we were to stop requiring ourselves to be on course all the time, would we be able to look at mistakes differently?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to just accept course corrections out of love, for ourselves and for those around us who are giving us worthy data?

I know that we can clear up the resistance in our lives that hampers our accurate course corrections.  We can free our channels of  debris  and work in harmony with the wholeness which wants our good and desired outcomes.  We came with the necessary equipment, whether we use it or not.  Call me at 801.598.9288 to explore your innate course-correction equipment.  It takes 45 minutes.  That’s a good investment in your cross-life flight to ensure your desired destinations.

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Posted by Tawna - October 1st, 2009


I was intrigued as I recently reviewed a group of people who lived thousands of years ago and were in slavery to a ruthless task master.  When this group of people finally achieved freedom, they were distressed by it and wanted to return to their captivity.  One would think that they would have embraced and rejoiced in their new-found sovereignty, but it appears that the choice for them was never between slavery and liberty; instead it was between slavery and the unknown.  They knew how to suffer.  They had been doing it for a long time.  They didn’t know how to be free.  Likewise for us, the unknown sends us running back into the clutches of our old, but familiar, bondage.  We are willing to cling to behaviors that are small and hurtful because we don’t want to face the unknown.

The problem occurs from the fact that we are unable to follow and magnify the goodness in us when we remain enslaved by our inner oppressions.  So what are we to do?  What if we want to stop suffering?  How are we to know how to be free?

I believe, and have seen over and over again in my own life and in my practice, that the answers are always innate, and simple.  They already reside in us.  Our soul, if we listen to it carefully, can guide us to liberty.  It knows with an innate knowing how to be free.  That is why we find dissatisfaction with slavery.  But we must be willing to traverse the unknown.  The irony is that it really isn’t unknown to that deepest, truest part of ourselves.

What if there was a way to access that deepest, truest part of ourselves and create the possibility of a new dance, with oneself and with life?  I have learned a new healing modality under the umbrella of Kinesiology.  It is called Integrated Healing.  It is simple and easy and profound.  It relies on accessing that place of innate knowing in a person, and trusting it implicitly, to know the key to freedom and to set it in motion.  I am curious as to why one would not at least try this approach and see what it can do for them.  It takes about 45 minutes. Call me at 801.599.2253 and see for yourself if it is a viable avenue to liberty.

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Posted by Tawna - August 31st, 2009


Our garden has yielded joyous abundance this summer.  I grew up on a farm with a mother who was an extraordinary organic gardener.  Things she planted in her garden grew with rapture.  I remember people slowing as they passed on the highway beside our farm just to get a better look at the vibrant sea of green that was her vegetable garden.  And she was devoted to it.  I knew as a teenager that if I wanted to talk to my mom, the first place to look for her was in her garden.

She passed away on January first of this year and I have felt her to be mirthfully present with our garden this year.  I have no doubt that she is helping.  I have felt the call in me this summer to return to mother earth, and so to my mother, and I have witnessed many things about my soul there.  I have learned that even though I planted corn, I couldn’t expect corn on the cob for dinner that same day.  There was a lengthy growing season.  There has been much care and nurture poured out upon our tiny plot of earth.  Our garden required attention.  Neglect was not an option in light of our desire to partake of that which we produced.  We also did consistent and scheduled weeding multiple times a week.  It was a shared project with each family member, and it was fascinating to watch how that simple process developed a deep sense of joy in my children.

This summer has felt like a return to things that I have known and felt throughout my growing up.  It has felt secure and familiar and satisfying.  And interestingly it has compelled me on another journey—which I call a soul renaissance.  I have an intense yearing to plant, nurture, weed, and rejoice in my own soul.

Dr. Rachel Remen says, “…We cannot betray our spiritual nature without paying a great price.  It is not that we have a soul but that we are a soul.”

I have a new desire to invite patience to vibrate in me and do her perfect work, and to stop expecting soul corn- on-the-cob the same day it is planted.  I want to experience the growing season instead of just waiting for it to pass so I can harvest.  I want to become proficient at nurturing my soul so that its abundance can freely fill up and spill over into the lives of all around me.  And I want to be more diligent and consistent at pulling the ever encumbering, unbidden weeds that want to spring up and slowly choke the life from my soul.  I want to rejoice more readily in the happy state of my growing spirit.

I love knowing that our souls are always talking to us whether we are listening or not.  I love knowing that there are so many tools graciously provided for listening to and understanding our souls.  And I love the good news that the weeding process is so doable.  It just needs regular attention.

My September invitation is to answer the call of our soul and return to it.  We can increase the spiritual renaissance that is unfolding for this growing season of humanity.  The price has come due and the time is now to nurture, weed, and fill our souls so they can then spill over into the lives of all those around us.

Kinesiology is a tool that deals specifically with hearing, understanding, and answering the language of this soul call.  Each person’s innate wisdom has all these answers.  Kinesiology accesses them.  Call 801.599.2253 to make an appointment and find out what it can do for you.

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The “Dog Days” of Summer

Posted by Tawna - August 1st, 2009


My good friend sent this e-mail to me and, and while it is fact that I prefer a cat over a dog as a pet, I will own the truth that I can learn a good lesson from the dog.

8:00 am – Dog food! My favorite thing!
9:30 am – A car ride! My favorite thing!
9:40 am – A walk in the park! My favorite thing!
10:30 am – Got rubbed and petted! My favorite thing!
12:00 pm – Lunch! My favorite thing!
1:00 pm – Played in the yard! My favorite thing!
3:00 pm – Wagged my tail! My favorite thing!
5:00 pm – Milk bones! My favorite thing!
7:00 pm – Got to play ball! My favorite thing!
8:00 pm – Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favorite thing!
11:00 pm – Sleeping on the bed! My favorite thing!

Day 983 of my captivity….

You see, my general outlook on the dry, dog days of August is, “Day 1 of my captivity….”  I feel burdened with the edict that I must endure its tedious, life-sucking company for a long and dusty 31 days.  This year I decided that I should look through a different lens at August and see if there are some lessons to be discovered.

What I notice is that the garden is giving freely of her bounty and the call of red, juicy tomatoes, the snap of green, cool cucumbers, rows of glistening yellow corn, and the sweet crunch of orange carrots feels like I am eating a rainbow of earth’s energy.  The days are long and hot, and the induced lethargy is an invitation from nature to a slower pace in order to enjoy the abundance that has somehow managed to spring from this desert valley.  I feel the “dog energy” to really rejoice in the simple things, since fatigue repulses any complication.  A fresh-sliced tomato sandwich, the laughter of children in the backyard sprinkler, the welcoming shade of a tree, and the gentle glow of fireflies at dusk are truly some of “my favorite things.”

In the fabled words of Rafiki, “I can either run from it, or learn from it.”  I’m going to try learning!  I want to develop the talent of slowing down and simplifying.  August induces that state into my consciousness and my being.  Maybe this year that coveted condition will be baked onto my heart in the hot sun and I will have a new season to celebrate….the “Dog Days” of August.

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Mother Earth

Posted by Tawna - July 1st, 2009

In centuries past it seems that humans saw themselves as a part of nature.  They lived, worked, and played in nature.  They were willing students of her wisdom.  Now, Deepak Chopra points out, “As the proud children of science and reason we have made ourselves the orphans of wisdom.”  We live, work, and many times, play separated from nature.  The common usage of the term orphan describes a child bereft of, or abandoned by, his or her parents.  What I find fascinating in terms of our being orphans of wisdom is that we, the children, have in many ways abandoned our mother—Earth.   We have made ourselves orphans, just as Deepak says. But all the rest of nature remains espoused to wisdom.   As we pursue our paths of technology, science, and reason, we can also seek balance by taking time to plug back into the wisdom of nature.

I have pondered why a flower is so moving in its delicate beauty and a sparkling gemstone resonates an other-worldly attraction to me.  I can walk in a grove of Giant Redwoods and vibrate with its sacred sermon.  I can stand on a beach of the mighty ocean with the sun warming me, the waves roaring as they break, the cry of gulls, the taste of saltwater mist, the smell of ocean life, and the feel of sand moving under my feet in response to the waves and sense my body adjust and align with some invisible, but very real, metronome.  This experience leaves me feeling energized, more whole and in tune with truth.  It seems like a mystery until I remember that I am made from the very same things.   But more than knowing, I feel my oneness with nature.  Yet I will still choose to make myself an orphan, and the call of the earth to me is to come back home to her and be rejuvenated. To experience that healing motion and movement and lullaby that she lives each day.  To learn about myself as I experience her.  To hear her sagacious voice of wisdom past and present and align myself again and again.

Perhaps taking some time to attune ourselves with nature is more than a luxury.  Perhaps it is a necessity if we are to obtain any balance as we move along the speeding highway of technology on which we find ourselves these days.  I invite us to prioritize some Mother Nature time and allow her to teach us about ourselves and how to connect again—with her, with each other, with life.

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Posted by Tawna - June 1st, 2009

June is the blessed month of graduation.  When students have completed their compulsory courses of study, the determination is made by administration that it is time for them to leave and embrace new and unfamiliar paths in life.  The assumption is that the education that has been achieved will help successfully navigate the unknown passage into novel and original lives.  Perhaps that is true and factual.

In truth, we are all at “school” and deeply involved in the great classroom of life.  We are grappling to learn and earn, by “degrees,” our way through.  In our evolutionary growing cycles we are progressing from Kindergarten, to Sixth Grade Promotion, to Jr.  High Promotion, to High School Graduation.  And maybe we fall victim to the idea that then we will have obtained our education.  We will have finished the course.  But the master plan says, “No.”  The eternal curriculum is still doing its work in our lives, and it is wise not to argue with the curriculum.

My son, who is a senior this year, feels nervous and anxious to graduate from High School, while being excited at the same time.  He feels accomplishment for having completed the prescribed itinerary so far—and I concur.  He is also feeling woefully unprepared for the magnitude of life’s demands looming up before him.  But I tell him that the good news here is even though life does make great demands upon us, we are only asked to deal with the demands of one day at a time and make progress in meeting them.  That feels doable to me.   Then, by and by, we will obtain that Associates Degree, Bachelors, Masters and, eventually, PhD of life.    The curriculum that will bring us to that point will be all inclusive—not just secular.  It will include all the dimensions of our souls, our being.  It behooves us, I think, to engage ourselves as much as possible in a holistic education every day.  Happily, the eternal curriculum is accommodating and ever challenging us to do just that.

My invitation this month is to examine our life schooling and make sure we are engaged in gaining a deep, all inclusive and eternal education with the hope of meaningful and beautiful graduation by “degrees” all along the way.  “One’s life, therefore, is brevity compared to eternity—like being dropped off by a parent for a day at school.  But what a day!”  (Neal A. Maxwell)

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Newborn ICU

Posted by Tawna - May 1st, 2009

I recently began volunteering at the University of Utah Hospital in the Newborn ICU where my micro-preemie, Makenna, was born.  I have the privilege of walking around the unit and talking with parents, supporting them as they walk the unbelievable and amazing journey that is the NICU experience.   I LOVE representing that there is life after the NICU, and sharing genuine empathy for what parents, and their babies, are living through.

Interestingly, when Makenna became aware of what I was doing, she began to ask a lot of questions about it.  During this period of time I noticed that her behavior changed, and she was being increasingly triggered to anger.   Then a few weeks ago she and I were at the store shopping for food and out of the blue she turned to me and said, “Why did the doctors hurt me when I was a tiny baby?”

Suddenly I connected her recent behavior with my volunteer work at the NICU, and the proverbial light bulb went on, illuminating the brilliant wisdom of her mind-body-spirit connection.   My going up to the Hospital triggered her body memories of being hurt.  Even though it was hard for me to hear her question, I rejoiced to know that it was up for her because she was innately ready to heal it.  Isn’t that beautiful?   All her pain and anger over it, which was inexpressible for her at the time, was nonetheless stored in her body.  That is the brilliance of our “computers.”  All input is duly noted and stored away for future reference.

As I considered what I know about that, I was reminded of the iceberg metaphor. Only 2% of the mass represents what, of my pain, fear, challenges, etc., is conscious to me.  The other 98% is housed in my subconscious.  The really interesting bit is that the 2% of consciousness I have uses spoken language to express itself.  But the 98% that is subconscious is not silent.  It, too, has language—the language of symptoms.   These symptoms are caused by internalizing, disconnecting, or denying  our experience.   So rather than automatically medicating a symptom we can listen to it and see what it is trying to say.  The good news is that symptoms speak to us when we are ready to heal their cause.

I realized that Makenna was showing me that she was ready to heal the frustration and anger that had been recorded in detail and stored in her body system.  I honored that her wisdom knew she was ready, and she had the means available to do the job.    I am grateful to her for reminding me to listen to symptoms, and love them for speaking and letting us both know she was ready.  Because I finally listened to her body symptoms, their purpose was served.

I feel infinite love and gratitude towards our symptoms for speaking to us the content of that massive 98% of recorded history—our recorded history—that we are not even aware of, and knowing and trusting our ability to heal it.  I invite us to be more aware of our symptoms and listen to them.

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Resource Classroom Aide

Posted by Tawna - April 1st, 2009

I worked as an aide in a resource classroom for a year.  The teacher who was over me was fantastic and she really knew how to use her aides.  We were instructed on what we were to use as our materials and in what areas the students needed to progress.   Then we were put in serious teaching situations every day.  I worked with a group of “self-contained” fifth and sixth graders on reading and writing for a couple of hours a day.  Self-contained students are ones who received the bulk of their education each day in the resource classroom instead of their regular class.   I also had a group of first graders that I taught the same subjects to daily.  I loved those students and put my heart and soul into teaching them.

I saw immediately that I was not working with kids who had any problem with intelligence.  In fact, it was quickly apparent that they were brilliant—perhaps more so than average.  And they were latent sponges with huge learning potential, but I would often go home consumed with desire to know how to turn the key that would unlock the school’s learning process for them—or even what that key was.  I loved to notice where the glitches in the learning process had occurred and I could see many glitches in the students I worked with.  What I didn’t know was what to do with them; how to plug them back in so the current could flow unimpeded.  There were students who couldn’t get their brains to see first letters in words, who couldn’t focus, who couldn’t sit while they learned, who had to drape themselves over a desk before they could write, who were emotionally overwhelmed with the learning process and basically shut down to avoid overloading the system, and who were understanding it all in their head but had glitches in being able to get that outside of themselves verbally, or on paper.  My heart longed for the answers so much.

I wish I had known then what I know now.  I wish that I had known that the body grows the brain, and simple movements that are typical of children act to bring brain neurology back into a state of integration.  I wish that I had known that there is a genius grid work of reflexes that all intentional movement and emotion and behavior and mental processing is built on….and that when glitches occurred that grid work needed to be assessed and patterned.  I wish that I had known that the lack of integration of the brain and reflexes can affect even a child’s ability to hold a pencil, let alone proceed from there.  I wish that I had known that brain integration affects one’s ability to even be able to hear instruction, or to see information and process it.  There is so much I would have done differently.

The truth is that unbelievable miracles have been happening for struggling students with the arrival of kinesiology on the scene.  Bearing in mind that there is no one thing to do to cure all people of all ailments, it is a beautiful thing that such simple, non-invasive ministering to a body and its neurology can have such astounding results.  I think the world needs to know about options—simple, effective options—to bless the lives of loved ones.  I think that parents want to know about this avenue for their children and the myriad stresses that they deal with on so many levels these days.  I think that everyone wants to know about these helps for their own struggles.  What could possibly be the harm in trying?

As the earth awakes with arrival of April, let’s awake to the infinite avenues to healing and wholeness that a loving creator has provided—and use them—and rejoice in them!

(Read about Brain Gym and Childhood Reflexes under Kinesiology.)

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Orphans of Wisdom

Posted by Tawna - March 1st, 2009

One of my favorite quotes is by Deepak Chopra and goes like this, “…as the proud children of science and reason we have made ourselves the orphans of wisdom.”  This idea induces delicious banquets of thought and pondering in me.

We work and struggle and espouse lying voices, employing vast quantities of energy in denial, repression, doubt, and stress.  It all begs the question, if we weren’t so engaged what would those liberated energies allow us?  Deepak suggests, if that were the case, that our lives would be constant revelation.

There seems to be a clarion call afoot to see with new eyes and be willing to explore the many levels and dimensions that make up a living soul.  Since the mid 1980’s the medical model that we are all so familiar with has also heralded new understandings about the independent intelligence of the smallest particles of our bodies.  It was discovered that the immune and digestive systems showed signs of intelligence.  There are special messenger molecules that are in all the organs carrying information to and from the brain—but also functioning with independent intelligence.  It turns out that cells have been outthinking us for millions of years.

If our life is to be constant revelation, it would behoove us to look at the wisdom that lives right within our very bodies, and listen to what that wisdom is telling us.  Our cells—and the universe all around us—are practicing basically the same things that we want for ourselves.  They are achieving growth, expansion, and creation.  The difference is that our bodies are cooperating with the invitations of Source much better than we—the conscious we—manage to.  If, then, our bodies are showing or manifesting stress and dis-ease, wouldn’t it be a great jumping off point into the world of wisdom to listen to what it has to say about our well-being on all levels?  If our cells are functioning to the call of wisdom, could they be trying to show us ourselves as a great mirror reflecting our welfare?

A thousand years ago Spirit was accepted everywhere as the true source of life.  We are now finding our way back to that same intelligence after a long and lonely absence.  It is time to learn a new language, and it is the language of the Spirit—of truth, of order, of learning, of wisdom, of God.  It is time to remove our ceilings and reshape our path and passage.

My invitation this month is to just notice our inner wisdom speaking to us.  GI Joe says that knowing is half the battle.  I think he is wrong.  I think it’s three-quarters of the battle.  A genuine, authentic shift in our consciousness is an open door to revelation and real solutions.

And, from the desk of an Irish girl, may the luck of the Irish be with you this month.

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